Nutrition Services

Aging well and living well is based partly on eating nutritious meals every day. We offer a variety of services that provide seniors opportunities to get good nutrition.

Meals on Wheels

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At SeniorsPlus we have three parts to each meal delivery.

The first part is a tasty, well balanced meal prepared by our own chefs in our own kitchen. Each meal meets one third of the daily requirements of the Dietary Reference Intake. This meal can be delivered to the homes of the people who are homebound, unable to prepare meals, and have no help to prepare the meals.

The second part is a wellness check. Our drivers get to know each consumer individually and are able to tell if anything is out of the ordinary.

The third part is socialization. Our driver may be the only person the consumer sees all day or even all week. The consumers really look forward to a few minutes of conversation with the drivers.

It is difficult for older people who are ill or have a disability to get good nutrition. Our monthly menus are varied, appealing, nutritious and are updated monthly with new items.

A donation of $4 for each meal is suggested.

Click on the link to see a menu.

Call us at 1-800-427-1241 to find out if you or someone you know qualifies.

Social Dining Sites

Our Social Dining Sites offer a mid-day meal to older adults and people with disabilities. The meals offer an opportunity to socialize and meet new friends. Meals are low in salt, fat, and sugar, but high in nutrition and flavor. A donation of $4 for each meal is suggested.

Guests who are under the age of sixty may a purchase meal for $8.50. 

Reservations are required at all locations. Call us at 1-800-427-1241 for information or to make reservations.

Click on the link to see a list of Social Dining Sites.

Click on the link to see a menu.

This program is partially funded by generous donations from the United Way of Androscoggin County and the United Way of the Tri-Valley Area.

Around Town Cafes

This is a dining program we have designed just for you. When you pick up an Around Town Cafe voucher from either the front desk of SeniorsPlus at 8 Falcon Road in Lewiston or at the SeniorsPlus Distribution Center in Livermore on Route 4, 1766 Federal Road, you can use this at one of our participating restaurants. You will order from a special menu that is designed to meet your dietary needs.

Our Around Town restaurant vouchers are $6 each. 

Click the link to see a list of our Around Town Cafes.

Please note: We recommend you call the restaurant prior to going there to make sure of their hours and protocol including their acceptance of Around Town vouchers during these uncertain times.