Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts allow you to leave a legacy gift to SeniorsPlus while still receiving an income for your life and/or a spouse or other loved one.

Life income gifts are an excellent way for you to support causes that you care about while maintaining your financial security. You'll receive even more tax savings if you use appreciated property, like stocks, to fund a gift annuity.  We recommend you talk to a financial advisor and/or attorney about setting up a life income gift.

Life income gifts include

Charitable gift annuities
Gifts that give you lifetime income, tax benefits and more!

Deferred charitable gift annuities
Gifts to help you plan supplemental retirement income and more!

Charitable remainder trusts
Gifts that allow you to select your rate of return, receive fixed or variable lifetime income and more!

Poled income funds
Gifts that provide variable lifetime income, professional asset management and more!