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My mother has Alzheimer's Disease. She already gets help from one of SeniorsPlus Care Coordination's providers but I am her primary caregiver and I'm there seven days a week. I've been doing this for a long time and I feel like I'm really close to "burn-out." Are there any options for me? Answer: Your Care Coordinator can assist you with information about arranging respite, either in the home or in a nursing facility, if the consumer qualifies. Call your Care Coordinator and ask about respite options. You can also contact your local Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC) for dementia or Alzheimer's resources.

My father is getting services through SeniorsPlus Care Coordination but his Personal Care Assistant is often late. He would really like to change to a different caregiver. What do we do? Answer: First, contact the Personal Care Assistant provider directly to discuss the problem and make an effort to resolve it. If you do not feel that the situation has been resolved, call your SeniorsPlus Care Coordinator (CC). The CC is there to provide you with assistance in changing caregivers or choosing a new Personal Care Assistant provider if needed.

Are interpreters available? Care Coordination staff will utilize professional resources to assist you in accessing information regarding the services we coordinate. SeniorsPlus adheres to the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Department of Health and Human Services National Origin Discrimination in Health and Human Services. 

My father has been receiving home care services through SeniorsPlus Care Coordination for two years. I'm thankful that he has been able to stay in his apartment for this long. But now he really needs nursing facility placement. What do we do? Answer: Your SeniorsPlus Care Coordinator can arrange for a new medical assessment from Maximus for your father to see if he qualifies medically for nursing facility placement. The Office of Aging and Disability Services is also a great resource in your search for the right nursing facility. 

I have some questions about whether or not my wife and I will qualify for home care, but I want to talk with someone first. It's all so confusing, who do I turn to? Answer: Whenever you have questions about home care for yourself, a family member, or someone for whom you have responsibility, you can call your local Area Agency on Aging. A staff person can guide you through the process of obtaining long-term care services in the home.

Who do I call if I am looking for information regarding services and resources for the elderly or disabled, or regarding healthcare facilities? Answer: Please contact your local Area Agency on Aging as they can provide you with informative brochures and booklets which will be mailed to you at your request.

How can you access Long Term Care services that are coordinated by Care Coordination at SeniorsPlus? 

Long Term Care is provided through various programs and the services authorized under each program depend upon an individual's needs and financial status. Services can only be accessed after you are determined eligible, both medically and financially. There are two ways to initiate eligibility:

  1. Go to the Department of Health and Human Services office nearest you and apply for Long Term Care services under MaineCare.
  2. Contact MAXIMUS at 1-833-525-5784 and ask for a Long Term Care Assessment for community services.

Either method will most likely result in a nurse coming to your home and completing a medical eligibility assessment. The nurse assessor will inform you, at the time of the assessment, which program and what services you are medically eligible for. The Department of Health and Human Services determines your financial eligibility for  MaineCare Programs and a division within SeniorsPlus Care Coordination determines your financial eligibility for our state-funded, Home Based Care Program. If you are found both financially and medically eligible for a Care Coordination program, your assessment will be sent to one of our Care Coordinators. Your Care Coordinator will contact you to review your assessment and service options. Care Coordination is unable to take referrals for services without an eligibility assessment from MAXIMUS Healthcare.