How can you access Long Term Care services that are coordinated by EIM?

Long Term Care is provided through various programs and the services authorized under each program depend upon an individual's needs and financial status. Services can only be accessed after you are determined eligible, both medically and financially. There are two ways to initiate eligibility:

  1. Go to the Department of Health and Human Services office nearest you and apply for Long Term Care services under MaineCare.
  2. Contact MAXIMUS at 1-833-525-5784 and ask for a Long Term Care Assessment for community services.

Either method will most likely result in a nurse coming to your home and completing a medical eligibility assessment. The nurse assessor will inform you, at the time of the assessment, which program and what services you are medically eligible for. The Department of Health and Human Services determines your financial eligibility for EIM’s MaineCare Programs and a division within EIM determines your financial eligibility for EIM’s State funded, Home Based Care Program. If you are found both financially and medically eligible for an EIM program your assessment will be sent to an EIM Care Coordinator. Your EIM Care Coordinator will contact you to review your assessment and service options. EIM is unable to take referrals for services without an eligibility assessment from MAXIMUS Healthcare.