What is an Environmental Modification?

Environmental Modifications (EM) are medically necessary modifications to certain EIM clients' residences. These modifications enable clients to remain in their home and as independent as possible for as long as possible. EM does not include general house repair, remodeling or motor vehicle modification. Nor does it include EM in transient, subsidized or HUD housing.

Examples of medically necessary modifications to a client's home may include:

  • Ramps for access into and out of the home
  • Stair lifts
  • Modifications to bathrooms facilities such as: roll-in showers, sink, bathtubs, toilet and turn around space adaptations
  • Modifications to kitchen facilities such as: sink modifications, sink cut outs, turn around space adaptations
  • Specialized accessibility/safety adaptations such as doorway widening, grab bars and handrails

Environmental modification must be included in an EIM client's authorized Plan of Care to be eligible to receive this service.