EIM Secure E-Mail

The privacy of our consumer's information is important to us. To meet HIPAA regulations (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and comply with the best-practice standards, EIM requires that all email communication containing consumer Protected Health Information and personal information be sent through secure email. This includes any information that would identify that a consumer receives services coordinated by EIM.

EIM uses ZixCorp's encryption services. ZixCorp is an easy-to-use email messaging protection method. Please review the information on how to use our secure email service.

If you require any additional information or need assistance using the secure service you may email ZixCorp by typing support@zixcorp.com into your internet browser or call me at 207-440-2340. You may also contact you Care Coordinator for assistance.

Raymond Gagnon
Member Services Manager/Privacy Officer