EIM is currently seeking Personal Care Agencies, Home Health Agencies, and Independent RN’s to serve consumers under Sections 19, 96, and 63 in Southern Maine.

For providers interested in contracting for Section 63: In-Home and Community Support Services for the Elderly and Disabled (HBC), please review the information below and contact EIM’s Provider Contract Supervisor by calling 207-440-2316 or emailing 

For providers interested in contracting for Section 19:
Home and Community Benefits for the Elderly and for Adults with Disabilities (HCB) and Section 96: Private Duty Nursing and Personal Care Services (PDN), please contact Molina Provider Services at 1-866-690-5585 to learn more about enrolling as a MaineCare provider.

Information on Becoming an EIM Contracted Provider

Thank you for your interest in learning more about contracting with EIM.  Currently. EIM provides services to an average of 750-800 consumers on the HBC program through a network of  approximately 130 providers across the state.  Providers who contract with EIM must understand and comply with Section 63 of the Office of Elder Services Policy Manual: In-Home and Community Support Services for the Elder and Other Adults (HBC) program and Section 40: General Administrative Requirements for All Parties.

There is an application process to become a contracted provider with EIM.  EIM will work closely with potential providers to obtain the following information.

  • Criminal Background and CNA Registry Check 
  • Proof of agency license or registration, as applicable
  • General and Professional Liability, as well as Workers' Compensation insurance
  • Business plan and resume
  • A contingency plan for receivables for times when there may be delays in state reimbursement
  • Copies of consumer and employee forms that will be used for record keeping

Once the application process is complete, the provider will attend a New Provider Training with EIM.

As part of contracting with EIM, providers must agree to allow EIM to audit their consumer, personnel, and billing files as a condition of the Provider Agreement.  EIM does not provide business, financial, or legal advice to providers. These questions should be directed to professionals outside of EIM. 

If you are interested in completing the provider application process, please contact EIM's Provider Contract Supervisor by calling 207-795-7213.